Embodied Voyage

the gift of self-care, of slowing down, of being
alive within your body.

For who is
The Embodied Voyage?

“The Embodied Voyage” is not like any other online Yoga app: it is a Healing Journey supported by the philosophy and the teachings of Yoga of Embodiment.
This style of Yoga is for everyone. It does not matter if you are young or old, flexible or stiff, an athlete or not; the practice of Yoga of Embodiment embraces all.
“The Embodied Voyage” is a companion for a daily practice and transformation. It will help you to discover more of yourself by slowing down, work through difficult emotions and shape the life you deserve as you slowly come home to yourself.

Choose the
practice that
inspires your soul..

All practices inside “The Embodied Voyage” are aimed to guide you to a safe space within yourself. Only in this state of being, Healing can occur.
Whether you are looking for an Embodiment Yoga practice, a Soothing guided meditation or to simply move your Body, you can find it here, together with so much more.
My hope is that, whatever you choose, touches your Heart and takes you closer to who you really are meant to be.

Access the member area..

Once inside the member area, you can initiate your Journey of Coming Home.
“The Embodied Voyage” will provide you with nourishment and support for your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well being. A space where you can come to practice at any time you want and from anywhere you are.

The courses

. The Path

a Coming Home to the Body.
The Path is a self-study course developed as a guidance for you to embark on your Journey back home to the body.
It is divided into 9 Pillars  and it has been created out of my Journey of Inner transformation.
Through Yoga of Embodiment, guided meditations, reflections and journaling prompts, you will start to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and become more skilled into returning to the present moment.

. Yoga 10

10 minutes Yoga Classes.
This course contains short yoga flows for those days that you feel like moving and stepping on the mat but you are tight on time or maybe you are in need of a quick flow.

. Yoga 20

20 minutes Yoga Classes.
Take some time to love your body with these 20-minute yoga flows.
Who does not have 20 minutes to give some love and attention and get the body moving?

. Yoga 40

40 minutes Yoga Classes.
You are invited to step onto your yoga mat and practice, always remembering what it means to shine your light.

. Yoga 60

60 minutes Yoga Classes.
With this one deep breath, unroll your mat. Take time to connect to what is deeper within you with these 60 minutes yoga classes.

. Foundation Asanas

Explore in detail frequently used Yoga poses.
This course provides you with short videos of yoga poses (asanas) that are frequently used during the yoga practice on the mat.
Explore and be curious about how it feels to go in more depth within these basic asanas.

. Meditations

Guided Meditations.
The guided meditations within this course invite you to go within, to come closer to your inner truth, to stop the chatter in the mind or to simply relax after a long day.

. Pranayama

Breathing Techniques.
Within this course you will find guidance and techniques on how to practice Pranayama. Explore and be curious about them.

. Embodying Sacred Sexuality

Your journey into wholeness.
Within this course, you will find a 7-day Sadhana to initiate you into embodying your sacred sexuality together with a variety of practices that are aimed to guide you to your sacred sexual energy.

. Sitting with Yourself

A Seven-day Practice
This 7-day practice was developed to support you in getting to know yourself on different levels.
It is based on the simple principle of :
If you want to know yourself, you have to sit with yourself.
Here you will find a daily practice every day for seven consecutive days.

. Emotional Detox

A Seven-day Practice
Within this 7-day emotional detox journey, we will focus on surrendering emotions that we have trapped within our body. We will focus on a few common emotions that I felt we all face in our lives.
We will do this through Embodiment practices, Yoga, and Breathing as we aim to eat healthy nourishing foods.

. Sweat it Out

walk away Sweaty and Satisfied.
This course is designed to help you reach your peak without requiring a lot of time. You will walk away sweaty and satisfied.
You can take these short flows at the beginning of your day or whenever you need to go through a fast-paced vinyasa flow.

. Self Soothing

Lovingly guide yourself back into a state of Peace.
The practices inside this course are intended to soothe your body and soul as you are gently brought back to a state of peace and calmness within.

. Embodiment Flows

Embody your Intentions in the Now.
An ever-growing  on demand library of Embodiment Flows aimed at embodying your intentions.
May your next breath carry you home to that inner space of peace within you.

. Challenges

Within this course, you will find the current and past challenges that are available for you.
Challenges are aimed at supporting us with routine, accountability and fun in a safe space.

. Boosting Immunity

Boosting our immune system through food, yoga, breathing and lifestyle changes.
Within this course, you will find articles and practices intended to boost the immune system.
Some recipes are also shared to inspire healthy eating.

. Zoom lives recording

Live sessions Library.
A library of all recorded live sessions of the Embodied Path.

How the courses are structured

Each course of “The Embodied Voyage” is lovingly created to accompany you on your Journey and tailor-made for your different needs and desires.


“The Embodied Voyage” is not only about courses. It is an engaging circle of community members supporting each other’s growth where we share inspiring posts, articles, Love notes, healthy recipes and, once a month, we gather all together in a Live Zoom Event.

Monthly Live class
Weekly Yoga calendars

What students say

Your teacher

I’m Claire.

And this is why I created “The Embodied Voyage” : to offer you a space and community where you can grow out of a life of stress and anxiety to one of clarity, connection, and happiness – without the overwhelm of trying to figure out where to start and what to do.
I offer this because I have been in this space for a number of years. I used to feel so overwhelmed by emotions and pain to the point that I disassociated from my body.
When my body finally broke down, I did everything I could think of to try to heal.
The path was tough, but I took it one step at a time. I quit my comfortable job, I left a marriage that was not working anymore.
I finally got to a place where I started to live within myself instead of outside myself.
Now I’ve taken all that I’ve learned on my own healing journey and created a roadmap to support you with yours. A path to guide you into feeling more connected, more embodied, and inspiring you to craft a life you deserve. I believe in you.


my Method

The Path

After nearly 20 years of practicing and later teaching Yoga of Embodiment, I felt the call to create The Path. It was created out of my own journey of transformation. It is the Method that supported me in discovering what my body was sharing with me and in listening to my own inner wisdom.
Most of us are disconnected from our bodies and totally living in the head. Our minds are able to deny or disassociate from painful emotions or situations but our bodies cannot. The Body Remembers.
The Path is divided into 9 Pillars. Each pillar is designed to support you in creating a deeper awareness of yourself, in remembering and awakening to your own truth.
The journey of healing is not linear.

the 9 Pillars of The Path

Why are you Here?

Define your Self worth

Laying the Foundations

Stepping on to the yoga mat


The importance of breathing


Meditation & Awareness


Being present with your emotions

Shedding off the layers

Remove Masks & Belief systems

Soften & Create

Becoming playful

Reclaiming yourself

Becoming Whole

Set the Sails

Manifesting from the Heart

What you will find inside..

New practices every week

Ever-growing library of courses and workshops of Yoga, Meditation and Self-awareness with new practices published every week.

Accessibility from Desktop and Mobile app

Accessibility to classes and community on any device, so that you can practice anytime and anywhere that works for you.

The Path

A Roadmap, based on my own personal work, so you’ll know what to focus on next to get the most from your practice and personal work.


An online community where you can find support and accountability and know that you are not doing this work alone.

Monthly Zoom lives

Live Q&As with me (Claire) where I will help you move through any places you are stuck and clarify any parts of the work.

a Guide

A teacher, a guide, a friend that has been through very difficult times, done the hard work, and is excited and ready to walk alongside you in your journey.

The best Gift you can give to yourself

is the gift of self-care, of slowing down, of being alive within your body!

I have poured my heart and soul into creating this Space, where you can get access to wisdom and techniques for your journey while being in a truly supportive community.
And all this will cost you less than an espresso a day.

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How do I Login to The Embodied Voyage?

access “The Embodied Voyage” member area it’s easy:

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Which is the difference between The Embodied Voyage and the free YouTube channel?

The YouTube channel of Embodied Voyage provides a lot of good value: Yoga classes, meditations, embodiment practices etc..

This is the link to the channel:

The content within is very useful, especially for you to get to know the style of teaching of Claire.  Being this free content, it is published not regularly, not very often and, especially, without any specific order.

The Embodied Voyage is the real online Yoga and Embodiment studio of Embodied Voyage.

“The Embodied Voyage” is the companion for a daily practice and transformation, a safe space where you can come and fill your cup when you need to.

Within, you can find several structured courses, meditations, live classes, a community and a dedicated app to enjoy the content at any time and from anywhere you are.

You can find all the info here:

Can I receive an invoice from The Embodied Voyage?

Sure🙂. After every monthly/annual renewal you will automatically receive an email with the invoice from Mighty Networks, the platform that hosts The Embodied Voyage and that processes the payments.

When my monthly subscription expires?

The monthly subscription to The Embodied Voyage automatically renew itself every 30 days so, if for example you have subscribed on the 15th, the next renewal will be processed on the 15th of the following month.

How long it last The Embodied Voyage?

The Embodied Voyage does not expire!

As long as you will remain subscribed, you will receive new videos and practices every week within our app 🙂

We usually publish new content twice a week plus on Sunday you will receive a weekly recap summarizing the whole week’s activities.

“I See you on the inside!”


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