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Yoga of Embodiment

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Claire’s Philosophy on Yoga of Embodiment “Beyond Poses”

Connect with yourself through Embodiment Yoga

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and your body, constantly trapped in your mind? You’re not alone. Many of us experience this disconnection, especially if we’re carrying unresolved traumas or living with chronic stress. But it does not have to be like that. By learning embodied movement and how to reconnect with our bodies and emotions, we can manifest a reality aligned with our true selves. That’s why I developed Yoga of Embodiment, a unique style of yoga born from my personal
journey of healing and self-discovery. 

My Method

What is Embodiment

Embodiment is about reconnecting with the wisdom within your body, a journey back to yourself. The yoga we practice is Yoga of Embodiment, a trauma-informed style which merges ancient yoga wisdom with modern techniques including movement, breathwork, meditation and somatic practices supporting your path to healing. It encourages one to truly inhabit and live within the body.

This approach to yoga is inspired by my personal life journey and the techniques and tools that I used to reconnect to myself when I felt disconnected and at my worst. It has helped me release stress, heal traumas, and navigate the darkest phases of my life, enabling me to live more fully aligned with my dreams and truth.

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The Roadmap

The Voyage "Crafted from a 20-Year Journey of Transformation"

After nearly two decades immersed in the practice and teaching of Yoga of Embodiment, I was inspired to create ‘The Voyage’.

It is a roadmap, rooted in 9 pillars, designed to help you reconnect to your inner wisdom; focusing on finding safety within by learning practices to regulate the nervous system, understanding and shifting your emotions and finding ways of manifesting a reality aligned with your heart.

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“We often live disassociated from our bodies, trapped in our heads. But while our minds might deny or dissociate from pain, our bodies remember. Unresolved trauma or chronic stress often manifests somatically, meaning it’s stored and relived in our bodies through reactions, sensations, behaviors, and feelings. This can lead to overwhelming experiences where our ability to rationalize or verbalize is compromised. In moments of activation, the language processing parts of our brain shut down, making it impossible to talk ourselves out of these distressing experiences. Instead, we need tools such as Yoga of Embodiment to demonstrate safety to these parts of ourselves so we are able to change our reality to one that is aligned with our heart.”

Guiding You from where you are Now to where you want to Be

The Pillars of The Voyage

Why are you here

Understanding your purpose and define your self-worth

Reclaiming Yourself

Becoming Whole and Integrated


Exploring the Power of Breath


Cultivating Awareness and Presence


Embracing and Understanding Your Feelings

Shedding Off the Layers

Removing Masks and Beliefs

Soften & Create

Embracing Playfulness and Creativity

Set The Sails

Manifesting from your Heart

our Online Sanctuary

The Embodied Voyage App

The Embodied Voyage app is more than just an online yoga studio; it’s a haven for your daily practice and transformation. This app is a reflection of my desire to share the gift of growth and transformation with as many people as possible. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive library of yoga courses, articles, professionally recorded yoga classes, meditations, breathing exercises, and embodiment practices. 

Join monthly live classes and connect with our supportive community, all accessible through our desktop and mobile app.

Unlike other yoga apps, the Embodied Voyage is a journey of healing, deeply rooted in the philosophy and teachings of Yoga of Embodiment.

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Join The Embodied Voyage with Claire and the community in a powerful opportunity for transformation and growth.  Practicing even few minutes a day is the best gift you can give to yourself.

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Common Questions

To be embodied means to be present within the body. Embodiment refers to the state of being physically present in one’s own body.  Embodiment suggests that our experiences, thoughts, and feelings are not just mental constructs but are deeply intertwined with our physical being.

The vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions, including digestion, heart rate, and respiratory rate. It provides sensory information from the gut, liver, heart, and lungs to the brain, which contributes to overall wellness and stress management. Yoga of embodiment stimulates the vagus nerve, which plays a vital role in the parasympathetic nervous system. This can lead to a reduction in heart rate, a calming effect, and improved stress management. Movement, somatic practices  and certain breathing techniques are some ways that we activate the vagus nerve during yoga.

While there isn’t a universally agreed-upon amount of time for optimal stress reduction, some research suggests that practicing yoga for 10/20/40 minutes a day can significantly reduce stress. However, even a single session can provide some stress relief. The benefits of practicing within The Embodied Voyage is that you can practice at any time you want.

Yes, Yoga of embodiment which is a trauma informed style of yoga can help with trauma and chronic stress by connecting body and mind, promoting relaxation, and fostering presence. It can also help individuals reconnect with their body and rediscover the joy of being present and relaxed, which is essential for healing from trauma

Yes, individuals can experience an emotional release through yoga of embodiment. Emotional alchemy is one of the cornerstones of Yoga of Embodiment.  The practice can help uncover and release deeply stored emotions that may have become physically manifest as tension or pain.