The Path of Coming Home

Yoga of Embodiment

Join Claire and the community in a safe space created to learn and grow together. Access a unique roadmap and an ever-growing library of practices developed around the teachings of the Yoga of Embodiment.

I am Claire

and I love to inspire people in starting their Journey of
Coming Home to themselves through the teachings of the Yoga of Embodiment.

Yoga of Embodiment

I am fascinated by what goes on in the body.
This is the reason why I teach Yoga the way I do.
For me Yoga is not about the pose, how I look and not so much about the alignment.
It is not about fancy, branded clothes.
For me  Yoga is pure, raw and organic.
It’s about eyes filled with tears, screams and heartache.
And then softness, joy and openness.
It is about emptying ourselves and feeling everything, creating a dialogue with the body.
When we are safe, we can relax, open up, be vulnerable and feel.
This is why I teach Yoga of Embodiment.
To invite you to come home and let your body speak to you.
To inspire you to live in your body, to feel everything.
To be yourself.
To allow anger, sadness, fear, pain, and whatever feelings you hide in the darkest rooms of your body to be felt fully.
It is about your truth.
Your truth.
my Method

The Path

After nearly 20 years of practicing and later teaching Yoga of Embodiment, I felt the call to create The Path. It was created out of my own journey of transformation. It is the Method that supported me in discovering what my body was sharing with me and in listening to my own inner wisdom.
Most of us are disconnected from our bodies and totally living in the head. Our minds are able to deny or disassociate from painful emotions or situations but our bodies cannot. The Body Remembers.
The Path is divided into 9 Pillars. Each pillar is designed to support you in creating a deeper awareness of yourself, in remembering and awakening to your own truth.
The journey of healing is not linear.

the 9 Pillars of The Path

Why are you Here?

Define your Self worth

Laying the Foundations

Stepping on to the yoga mat


The importance of breathing


Meditation & Awareness


Being present with your emotions

Shedding off the layers

Remove Masks & Belief systems

Soften & Create

Becoming playful

Reclaiming yourself

Becoming Whole

Set the Sails

Manifesting from the Heart

The Embodied Voyage

“The Embodied Voyage app” is my online Yoga & Embodiment studio.
It is a companion for your daily practice and transformation, a safe space where you can come and fill your cup when you need to, by slowing down and coming back to yourself.  A space where you can come to practice at any time you want and from anywhere you are.
I have created it out of the desire of sharing my gift with as many people as possible: the Gift of witnessing the growth and the transformation of who is willing to take the Path.
You will have access to The Path and to an ever growing library of Courses and Articles,  professionally recorded Yoga classes, Meditations, Breathing exercises, Embodiment practices, monthly Live Classes and the support of our Community. All at your fingertips with our desktop & mobile app.
“The Embodied Voyage app” is not like any other online Yoga app: it is a Healing Journey supported by the philosophy and the teaching of Yoga of Embodiment.

What students say

Do you feel inspired?

Join The Embodied Voyage with Claire and the community in a powerful opportunity for transformation and growth.  Practicing even few minutes a day is the best gift you can give to yourself.
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