Hi, I am Claire.

I am so happy you found me..

I am fascinated by what goes on in the body
and this is why I teach yoga the way I do. invite you to come home to yourself and let your body speak to you,
to inspire you to live within your body, to feel everything,
to be yourself.

Yoga of Embodiment

To be within the body might be hard, I know.  I have lived away from my body for nearly two decades.
I did not want to feel the pain and confusion that was within me,
I was stuck and did not know what to do.
I went to talk therapy, workshops and read loads of books but it was not enough: I was understanding with my mind,
but it was not making sense for my body.
When I started to explore my body through Yoga, things started to shift and align. I was creating a Dialogue with the Body. I started to adopt my own way of coming inside of it and at the same time creating a new way of intuitively teaching Yoga.
This stemmed out of my inner wisdom, intuition and knowledge.
I developed my own style that I called: Yoga of Embodiment.
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from Stressed to Blessed

a 7-day journey that helps you take the first steps in setting a Yoga routine, release stress and reconnect to yourself.
Refine the way to shape your day, and create what you really want to manifest.
my Online Yoga and Embodiment Studio

The Embodied Voyage app

The Embodied Voyage app is my online Yoga and Embodiment studio. Within this space, you will find an ever-growing library of courses, articles, practices and a community of fellow seekers.
“The Embodied Voyage app” is not like any other online Yoga app: it is a Healing Journey supported by the philosophy and the teaching of Yoga of Embodiment.
Give yourself the gift of self-care, of slowing down, of being alive within your body.

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I have poured my heart and soul into creating this Space, where you can get access to wisdom and techniques for your journey while being in a truly supportive community.
And all this will cost you less than an espresso a day.

Embodied Voyage