Hi, I Am Claire!
I am so happy you found me..

A Journey Through Yoga

I am fascinated by what goes on in the body
and this is why I teach yoga the way I do.

..to invite you to come home to yourself and let your body speak to you,

to inspire you to live within your body, to feel everything,

to be yourself.

Instead of teaching a rigid and masculine style of yoga, I started to teach a yoga inspired by feminine qualities of sensuality, flow and intuition.

This is where magic happens.

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The 3 Core Principles of my method

Creating Safety

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We believe that feeling safe is the first step for any healing or transformation. If we do not feel safe within our body we will be living in a state of survival and within this state the only thing that can happen is survival. If we want to grow, change or transform we need to move out of our survival state and come into a regulated space. Yoga of embodiment supports you with this.

Emotional Alchemy

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Emotions are a portal into deeper wisdom. By exploring and being present with our emotions we can create change and transformation. There are no good or bad emotions. Emotions are just energy in motion but often we tend to block the unpleasant ones creating stuck and stagnant energy within us. Yoga of embodiment will support you in releasing these energies through a combination of movement, breathwork, meditation and self reflection

Heartful Manifestation

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When we feel safe within us we can finally inhabit and start to trust the wisdom of our heart. When we live from this space we are able to manifest a reality that is aligned with our truth. We can raise our vibrations to manifest the reality we desire. Manifestation through the heart can only happen when we are in a regulated state within us, i.e. we feel safe and are open to connect with ourselves, others and the universe around us.

The core principles of the Practice

Yoga of Embodiment

Yoga of Embodiment is a somatic movement technique rooted in three cornerstones. This method focuses not on how poses appear externally, but rather on how they resonate internally. This approach supports Nervous System Regulation creating a safe, harmonious space within. It encourages you to engage with your current emotions, transforming them to enhance your vibrational state and reconnect to your heart.

Yoga of Embodiment emphasizes dynamic Embodiment, enabling practitioners to not only align their minds and hearts but also invigorate their bodies. With every movement, you energize, tone, and invigorate your physical vessel.  This distinctive combination empowers you to create a harmonious union of  body, mind and spirit.

Group of people practicing embodiment yoga together
Woman with her arms up, practicing embodiment on a cliff with a sea view

My Story

For many years I lived disassociated from my body. Being within my body was too painful and unsafe. I went to talk therapy, attended plenty of workshops, read loads of books but it was not enough: I was understanding with my mind, but it was not making sense for my body. 

When I started to explore my body through Yoga and Embodiment practices, things started to shift and align. I was creating a Dialogue with the Body. I learned that the body does not understand words so I started to learn and explore the language of the body.

I started to adopt my own way of coming inside of it and at the same time creating a new way of intuitively teaching Yoga.

This is how Yoga of Embodiment was created.

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Learn the Language of your Body

Join The Embodied Voyage with Claire and the community in a powerful opportunity for transformation and growth.  Practicing even few minutes a day is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Listen to the whispers of your soul

Interested in my Background

Claire graduated in business management in 2001. Yet her inner calling led her towards the path of yoga, embodiment and intuitive healing. Claire is an E-RYT500 Yoga teacher with 20 years of dedication to the transformative practice of Yoga of Embodiment.

She has cultivated a unique blend of expertise in somatic practices, trauma healing, and sacred sexuality, each underscored by her formal education in Yoga, Anatomy, and Physiology from the Kevala Institute, UK, and a Yoga Alliance Certificate in Kriya Yoga and Meditation from the Yogananda School of Yoga.

Claire’s mentorship has also been shaped by the wisdom of Shakti Malan, Linda Thai, and Francesca Gentile amongst many others, and her teachings reflect a deep understanding of the body’s capabilities and the transformative potential of Yoga of Embodiment