Embodied Voyage is a space committed to awaken you to your soul’s purpose, gifts and light. It will provide you with yoga classes, channeled embodied yoga and meditations, breathing techniques and self awareness practices aimed at guiding you back to your truth. It is a community supporting one another in this awakening.

I trust it is time to step into the unknown together, to learn how to be intimate with it, to take off our masks, to dive deep into the heart and allow our light to shine


Embodied Voyage is about you.


Whatever you need, desire, whatever you are chasing can only be found inside of you. It is here that you need to start, within the depths and strength of your heart is where you will find yourself and whatever you are searching for.

Yet, what is that we mostly do on a daily basis?

  • We live outside of our body.
  • We allow ourselves to be consumed by the outside world.
  • We give in to beliefs that being busy is normal and needed.
  • We give in to beliefs that stress and anxieties are a norm on our life because most people function that way and we do not know any better.
  • We give in to beliefs that is conventional to work for very long hours without taking time to pause, feel our body, relax and just be.
  • We allow ourselves to be consumed by the outside world.


We have grown to believe that whatever we need is outside of us.


Is this, or some of it, true for you?

  • Whose life are you living?
  • When was the last time you sat on the earth, closed your eyes, felt the ground beneath you and breathed the same breath as earth herself?
  • When was the last time you honoured the needs of your body before anything or anyone else?
  • When was the last time you listened to your hearts desires and jumped into the unknown?
  • When was the last time you honoured the challenging moments in your life, the ‘problems’ you were facing and believed that all this pain or suffering were an invitation for growth?
  • When was the last time you trusted that your gift and whatever you are looking for will come from within your body?

What are you waiting for?


You are the gift.


The gift is within you. There is nowhere to else to look for. This is not the search for the “treasure” but a shedding away of layers, armours that we have built around ourselves. Your gift lies hidden in your shadows, deep beneath your masks. Yet you are so petrified to go there that you are fooling yourself. You have become good at it. You tell yourself and others that you are ok yet deep within, you know that this is not your truth.


Do you think that it is possible to find fulfillment in a life that is not yours?


We have changed and moulded ourselves, we have put armours to protect every part of us, that we have forgotten who we truly are. We have covered ourselves so well that we have hidden the gift even from our own selves. Imagine having all these invisible layers, one on top the other, how is it possible to access, let alone share your gift?

Are you willing to share your gift and light to the world or do you prefer to keep it hidden and keep yourself small?


You are ready for all there is.


I believe that we are all seekers and travellers who desire to journey within our own body. We are being faced with a collective urge to slow down, to reclaim our power as human beings and finally live from our heart. There is this inner longing to shift our awareness from the outside world to the inner realm so we are able to access our own truth.


What does it mean to be embodied?


  • It is about being present and living in the whole of your body.
  • It is about being aware of what is arising in your body and sit with it.
  • It is about embracing the light and shadow within you.
  • It is about letting go of the thinking mind and access the wisdom of the body.
  • It is about allowing all feelings, pain, discomforts, joys that arise out of the human body to be felt deeply and fully.
  • It is about becoming friends with the totality of your being.
  • It is about listening to the voice of the subtle body and understand what needs to heal – what needs love and attention during the current phase you are in, your present truth.


I believe that:


  • once we learn how to be friends with the totality of who we are;
  • once we learn from our own painful experiences and see them as our path to growth;
  • once we choose to awaken and breathe into the parts of our body that are numb and dead;
  • once we decide to start to heal and live within our own body;

we can really access our gifts and share them with the world.


The choice is yours.


If you feel these words resonating deeply inside your heart and the call to start to voyage together, I would be honoured to welcome you to the free Facebook group I have created: the “Coming home to the Body” online community.

With Love



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